The Lab


Creativity has no limit. We put that sentence to the test to develop ideas and concepts for our pleasure, and it could become yours.


Table tennis is a myth within the studio, and all the equipment an experimentation subject. We hacked a commercial table, 3D printed rackets, posts and sewed a special net. All stuff that we torture-test on a daily basis.


User observation is an infinite insight source. Here a teacher helped her pupils to hold their pencils with a clothespin. We transformed this idea into a 3D printed customisable product. A small dragon to help children.

Little Ben

Children have a special way to imagine time. We used that to help them visualise it, by hacking any clock with a series of 3D printed accessories of their favourite activities.


The main idea of this project is to draw inspiration from Archimedes’ thrust and use the pressure / decompression effect that is created when the user press the bottle to get shampoo, soap or any kind of liquid. You can use your product with only one hand!

Want to

Don’t hesitate to contact us, to discuss about your projects with a coffee, or even with a fresh baked croissant to get along.

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