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Erbauer is the powertool brand of kingfisher group, sold in Castorama stores among others. Destined to professional as well as amateurs, Erbauer tools bring power, performance and robustness.


Developed with the Erbauer team, this projector’s range has been especially imagined to deeply reinvent a traditional offer through the analysis and user observation of pros and amateurs. This lamp is extremely easy to use with or without gloves, and covers a great light surface. Its triangular shape and rotation allows it to be very robust in all and every use step, transport included.

In all

With their triangular shape, the Lewo projectors bring stability and comfort. Its 300° rotation capacity and 11 clicks allow its users to lock it in the desired positions, and enlight in all directions.
photo by Kingfisher

and more

Equiped with a large handle, Lewo projectors are easily manipulated. In closed position, the lamps are well protected, to be moved and stored fully secured.



Development months, from the first creative sketches to the store.


Versions in the range, that share the same architecture, and a wide range of accessories.

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