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Decathlon rugby shoes range


The rugby sport from Decathlon trusted us in designing their all-new shoe range, directed to the expert players. We have designed 3 different platforms, linked to the player's role and position on the field. Each one of them, even with common DNA, should express a specific promise : stability, control, or speed.

The IMPACT 900, front and second line oriented shoe. With its robust construction and its 8 stud sole, it is made to resist in scums and rucks.

The ADVANCE 900made for third line and centers, who combine power and mobility. The shoe provides a great support and sensation through its mid upper construction and hybrid 6 studs sole.

The SCORE 900, hybrid shoe for the rear lines, scrum-half and fly-half, is build as a light and flexible seamless single-body, to support creativity and speed of the players.

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