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Cook in garden Modular gas barbecue


Cook in garden offers a gas barbecue to cook outside as you would in your kitchen. The Flavo assembles in 10 minutes without any tools, thanks to its clip-on feet. It is therefore easy to assemble, move and store. Its clip-on shelves are aligned with the cooking area, making it easier to prepare your meals.

This barbecue focuses on comfort of use and not just the performance of the grill. Being able to easily assemble the product, having the shelves aligned with the cooking area greatly contributes to the ease of use of the product. The modularity of the shelves is a real innovation in terms of use. The brand has been offering barbecue accessories since the beginning of its creation. Many of these accessories can be magnetized to the product or installed in place of wooden shelves.

Everything is removable (except the tank and the cover) which allows easy replacement, cleaning, repair or replacement of any part. The elements are made of steel with ceramic paint which makes the whole thing solid and durable. Disassembly of the assembly allows the product to be transported in a standard box and no emptying is carried out. Some elements are pre-assembled at the factory and others are disassembled in order to optimize the overall space inside the box.

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